Applicants' Guide

Application Tips/How to Apply

  • How to Navigate the ATS
    • Know the city and state in which you are looking to work
    • If possible, utilize a requisition number
    • Provide name of the facility you wish to apply to
  • What is Needed to Apply
    • Please set aside at least 20 minutes to fully complete the on-line application
    • You will need a valid, active Email Address to create a log-in in order to apply
    • You will be asked to upload a clean, updated resume containing as much information as possible on your work history, dates of employment, employer addresses, supervisor names and contact phone number
    • Be prepared to provide a Driver’s license number and any other license or certification numbers (RN license, BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc)
    • BE THOROUGH! Double-check dates listed for accuracy
  • Interview Process
    • Should you meet the minimum requirements for the position, a recruiter may contact you by phone to further discuss your background and qualifications
    • After speaking with the recruiter, your information may be shared with the Hiring Manager should the recruiter determine you are a fit for the position
    • Once the Hiring Manager reviews your background, they may request a phone interview or face-to-face interview which the recruiter will coordinate
    • You will be asked to complete an Axiometrics Customer Service Assessment either prior to attending a face-to-face interview or immediately following the interview
    • You may be asked to return for multiple interviews or invited to shadow for the day in select cases. A tour of the hospital/department is typically included during on-site interviews
    • You will receive follow-up information from the recruiter about interview feedback and next steps of the process either by email or phone
    Necessary Information for an Interview
    • Interview location will vary by facility
    • You will meet with a Director and/or Manager and most likely several staff members
    • **Bring extra copies of your resume
    • Review the facility and HCA websites to familiarize yourself
    • Bring copies of all licenses and certifications (RN, BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc)
    • Bring letters of recommendation if available
  • Additional Tips
    • DO NOT complete a brand new application if you have already applied in the past
    • Email addresses can only be entered once. Username and passwords can be reset but if a false or incorrect email address is entered, no correspondence will be received and therefore there will be no tracking of where you are in the process

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to be a licensed FL RN prior to starting orientation classes?

  • Do I need a current BLS prior to starting orientation classes or can I complete that after starting in the department?
    AHA BLS is required prior to the first day of orientation.

  • How long will the interview last?
    Interview times vary but plan for at least one hour.

  • What should I wear to an interview?
    Professional dress; Scrubs in some cases; Conservative makeup; Perfume/cologne not recommended.

  • How long does it take from point of interview to offer?
    Varies. Time is dependent on the number of applicants being interviewed. Recruiter will be able to address and explain the timeframe on a case-by-case basis.

  • How long does it take from point of offer to hire?
    The pre-employment processing timeframe is typically 7-10 working days.

  • What is included in the background check?
    Educational background, employment history and criminal backgrounds are all included in a background check.

  • What is involved in the employee health processing?
    Health history review/screening, physical abilities evaluation related to the physical requirements of the position, blood work and/or immunization administration, urine drug screen.

  • Where can I receive orientation details?
    This will be addresses by HRA/HRG during pre-employment appointments with HR.

  • What can I expect during week two of employment and after?
    The Director will typically connect with you during week one of orientation to review where to report, what to wear, who to ask for, schedule, etc. for week 2.

  • When do I become eligible to receive benefits?
    First day of the month following the first 60 days of employment.

  • When do I start to accrue PTO/EIB?
    Day one, however PTO cannot be accessed until after the first 90 days and EIB after minimum hours are met.

  • Where can I view additional information on benefits?

  • Are there uniform color codes spec fic to each facility?
    Details for facilities that have specific uniform color code requirements can be found via the corresponding links below:
    Blake Medical Center
    Central Florida Regional Hospital
    Edward White Hospital

    Northside Hospital
    Medical Center of Trinity
    Osceola Regional Medical Center
    Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point
    South Bay Hospital